Community Involvement Centers to keep embracing our communities

Community Involvement Centers to keep embracing our communities

Community Involvement Centres are spaces of belonging in different cities in Argentina, where communities can culturally and socially participate, form, train themselves and seek for assistance through scouts’ intervention. Diversity and social inclusion are key elements for strengthening the social and hard work being carried out by the Scout Movement.

The objective of this project is to develop and strengthen 6 Community Involvement Centers, organised by Scouts de Argentina in different strategic places in the country. This model, closely related to territorial involvement and based on socio communitarian development, is what allows us to address the most relevant problems of the population and to give a social response from young scouts’ involvement and their socio-environmental projects. The work with families, at local level, is the starting point for the development of the community and this initiative is taking the social justice, the meaning of belonging and the networking with the different territorial actors as the main guidelines, in a process of socialisation intertwined with human rights, values, human development, sustainability, solidarity, volunteering and environmental awareness.

What change are we trying to achieve in our NSO and community:

During 2020, Argentina and the world have gone through a health, social and economic crisis that destabilised society as a whole. Therefore, Scouts de Argentina implemented the Scout Volunteer National Plan to mainly assist families living in the most vulnerable contexts of the country. We have worked with food and coat assistance, hygiene elements, promotion of rights and we dealt, through a strong national campaign, with the problem of blood shortage in blood banks in the country. We also organised blood donation journeys and awareness campaigns. Over those months, the National Scout Organization had forged numerous strategic alliances to strengthen the work carried out by scouts in the territory. In this way, we have worked together with the national and local governments, private
companies and civil society organizations.

Targeted Audience:

The beneficiaries of this project will be girls, boys, young people and adults from different social communities geographically distributed in 6 locations of Argentina: Córdoba Capital (Córdoba Province), San Martín de los Andes (Río Negro Province), Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires Province), Morón (Buenos Aires Province), Liniers (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) and Rosario (Santa Fe Province).

These beneficiaries live in places where the population is vulnerable in relation to the full exercise of social, cultural, educational and housing rights. By this way, the intention is to incorporate those children and young people to the project of Community Involvement Centers so that they know a little bit more about the proposal of the Scout Movement and get close to a Scout Group beyond the containment activities and training carried out in the Centers.
Many girls and boys live in legal custody and they find in the Scout Movement, a group of friends and a healthy and safe space to grow and play. Also, our work with Adults beneficiaries of the project, consists on working with homeless men and women, and their families; adults without a formal, stable job and the elders that need more opportunities.

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